Glam Liner Black

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Glam Liner Adhesive is revolutionary lash glue/eyeliner that makes applying eyelash adhesive and false eyelashes absolutely foolproof! Glam Liner glides on along your lash line, ready for your favorite falsies to adhere to for all day wear!  Novice lash wearers no longer have to worry about the precise technique of gluing on false eyelashes!  Our multitasking Glam Liner has a felt tip that glides on as eyeliner and performs like lash glue, and is contact lens friendly.

TIPS:  Store Glam Liner vertically, cap side down, to prevent drying out. As needed, clean the felt-tip with makeup remover. Glam Liner is formulated to last all day, but oily skin might require reapplication. Line your lid generously, with as much Glam Liner as needed to create a sufficient base for the width and length of the lash band you will secure to it.

- Felt Tip 2-in-1 Eyeliner Lash Adhesive, Black

- Super easy application, quick dry, waterproof, and last all day

- Wears great with cotton band strip lash

- Non-magnet, latex-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free

- Vegan

Glam Liner Black
Best Eyeliner for False Lashes [Glam Liner]-Miss Fabulashes
Glam Liner Black