Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic False Eyelashes

Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic False Eyelashes

Magnetic eyeliner and magnetic false eyelashes are becoming more and more popular and finally you can buy our own It's A Vibe Magnetic Eyelash Kit from Miss Fabulashes! If you would like to learn more about this product, you should just keep reading now, because we will give you some information here.

Do magnetic fake eyelashes with magnetic liner really work?

The new beauty trend works! You should only buy from the right suppliers, we guarantee that our product will not disappoint you when used correctly!

How do I use magnetic eyeliner with magnetic fake lashes correctly?

You can easily use our magnetic eyeliner. You just apply one layer, let it dry, and then apply the second layer of magnetic eyeliner. The magnetic lashes are now very easy to attach. You take the magnetic eyelashes out of the packaging. Just press them to your eye and when it clicks and you have the perfect look!

What is magnetic eyeliner?

This magnetic liquid eyeliner is actually similar to normal black eyeliner. It only contains magnetic particles so that the matching magnetic eyelashes attract and stick to them.

What types of magnetic eyeliner are on the market?

There are several kinds! There are liquid, gel, pens, and colored magnetic liners. Then there are also waterproof or normal ones. 

Is magnetic eyeliner dangerous?

No, of course, magnetic eyeliner is not dangerous or more dangerous than a conventional liner. Of course, you should still try not to get in your eye and remove it from your eyelids after use. Feel free to use olive or castor oil to help remove from your eyelids.

Are magnetic eyelashes dangerous?

The magnets on the magnet eyelashes are only very small and not dangerous. You don't feel the magnets on your eyes while wearing them.