FabuLash Applicator (RG)

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This rose gold FabuLash Applicator is a sleek and convenient tool to help apply false lashes more precisely with ease.

 Step 1: Use the curved end of the FabuLash applicator to securely grip and hold the lash without touching your lash with your fingers. This prevents the lash from getting distorted or any germs or bacteria from your hands coming in contact with the lash. This applicator is also a lifesaver for all those ladies who love them some long nails! 

Glam Liner Users - shake well, apply two layers of your Glam Liner on your eyelids as you would your eyeliner, and then place your favorite Miss Fabulashes right on the tacky eyeliner.

Adhesive Users - Apply your Glam Goo adhesive, let dry for 30 seconds (make sure it's tacky) and then place your favorite Miss Fabulashes right above the natural lash line.

Step 2: Gently press down and secure the false lash along the lash line and corners of the eyelids.


FabuLash Applicator (RG)
FabuLash Applicator (RG)

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